Cloud platform solution

Work From AnyWhere, AnyTime & AnyDevice

Enable remote working by using cloud windows desktop which provides a seamless remote work experience to your teams on the cloud with high security, low-cost & scalabilty, ensuring business continuity.Virtual Cloud Desktops comes with Advanced Threat Protection on Windows 2019 Edition.

Great Features

Manage end to end WorkDesk that can provide everything you need for seamless remote work to continue with a click of few butttons

No Upfront Cost

Pay-Per-Use model where you pay for only what you use, hourly cost is billed

Cloud Storage

Data is stored on cloud,therefore it is secure & available anytime from anydevice .

Choose Any Configuration

Upgrade or Downgrade a system configuration based on your need's with one click.

Ease Of Use

Everything happens with click of button & NO manual intervention is required. Manage 100's of Desktops from one platform with help of automation.

Secure Access

Comes with In-build feature of secure access & can be modified to meet the requirements.

Centrally Manage & Scale

Scale to 100's of Desktops in less then 60 mins as you can rapidly provision and de-provision desktops as the needs arise

Seamless Operation via Smart Web Panel
Quickly scale to provide thousands of desktops to your teams across the globe.You can pay either monthly or hourly, as per your needs. No hassle to manage any hardware problems or inventory issue.